white bath with chrome fixtures and bath feet

Baths at Morris & Turner


While the standard inset/straight bath remains the staple of many homes, people have begun to be more adventurous with their bath choices. 

You can opt for the extravagance of a freestanding bath, if you have the space or perhaps you want the best of both worlds with a shower bath.


There are double ended, corner, big or small baths with the option to personalise the look with your choice of taps, mixers and bath screens.  

white and green accented bathroom furniture

Bathroom Furniture at Morris & Turner


Every bathroom needs some form of storage for all of the everyday necessities from towels to toiletries and toilet paper. Modern bathroom furniture offers plenty of clever solutions in sleek and contemporary designs to keep your bathroom looking fresh and de-cluttered. 

Whether you need to make the most of small space with smart, space saving fitted furniture or have the room to have impressive, large stand alone units. 

You can choose from vanity and wall units, wall pods, mirrored wall units, floor standing units, storage units - some with LED under-lighting.

chrome bathroom mixer tap

Bathroom Taps at Morris & Turner


Some people don't think much about bathroom taps - they are just something we use to turn water on and off but at Morris & Turner we know that a good set of taps goes a long way to improve the functionality of your bathroom/cloakroom.  


We stock both contemporary and more traditional styles of taps and brass-ware for the bath, basins and the cloakroom. Whether you have mobility issues that make using your hands difficult or have small children that need to be able to operate the taps independently. 

bathroom heated radiator

Bathroom Heating at Morris & Turner


Bathroom heating is a must have in the UK where the warmer months don't last very long and the winters can get pretty chilly. 


Modern bathroom heating serves the duel purpose of being practical (heating your room and towels) whilst looking stylish. You can elevate the look of a dated bathroom by installing a fancy new chrome ladder radiator or perhaps you prefer the more traditional, classic designs. 

wall hanging white toilet in grey bathroom

Toilets at Morris & Turner


Whether you call them loos, toilets or WCs, we will ensure you find the perfect place to rest your bottom. Technology has moved on a lot over the years and you can find toilets that are ultra modern and minimalist. 


Be it comfort height, wall hung or back to wall, traditional or a corner toilet, the vast array of options can be confusing and a little overwhelming but time should be taken when choosing what will arguably be the most used item in your bathroom.

white bathroom accessories

Bathroom Accessories at Morris & Turner


Accessories add those finishing touches to any room and the bathroom is no exception. From toilet roll holders, soap dishes, towel rails, hooks, shelves to tumbler holders - Morris & Turner have the perfect product to pull your bathroom look together. 

You might want to go with a colour coordinated range or to make more of a statement with bold, individual pieces. 


Bathroom accessories are not just about style but practicality. We all need somewhere to put our toothbrush and toiletries.  

white bathroom basin with chrome tap on wooden countertop

Bathroom Basins at Morris & Turner


Times have certainly moved on from the days when you could only get a full pedestal basin in your bathroom. Now the possibilities are almost endless with basins/sinks that can fit into the smallest of spaces and those that are large focal pieces. 

There are wash basin that sit on your counter or vanity unit, ones that are semi-recessed and those that can squeeze into tight corners. 

As with a bath, your choice of taps can really help elevate the most basic of basins. 

Series_8_shower and shower enclosure in red and white bathroom

Showers and Shower Enclosures at Morris & Turner


There is more choice than ever when looking to buy a shower - we live busier lives than ever and with the increasing popularity of en suites and wet rooms, there is a shower to meet all of your needs. 

When thinking about purchasing a shower your primary consideration is going to be your water pressure as this will affect what type of shower you can/should get. 

You can have a basic, hand-held shower with the old style hose attached to the bath taps all the way to a high tech digital shower with Bluetooth and LED lights


white freestanding bath with chrome freestanding taps

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