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Kudos - Aqua4ma Linear Wet Room System

Kudos - Aqua4ma Linear Wet Room System

As a home-owner you will appreciate the aqua4ma linear Shower Deck for its high performance as well as its modern, sleek and stylish appearance.


As an installer you will not only appreciate the versatility, ease and speed of fitting the aqua4ma linear Shower Deck, you will also have the comfort of knowing that you are providing your customers with a product guaranteed and backed by a trusted British manufacturer.

  • Specifications

    + Ultra-low level 19mm shower deck
    + Fits to existing finished floor or to false floor created at joist level
    + Deck size: 1185mm x 900mm, easily extended
    + Simple and quick to install with no drying times
    + Waste design allows for avoidance of joist for easy installation               + Requires no angled tile cutting for neater grout lines