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HiB - Duet Wall Hung Units

HiB - Duet Wall Hung Units

50cm wide (2 drawer)

W49.4 x H58.6 x D37.6


60cm wide (2 drawer)

W59.4 x H58.6 x D37.6


100cm wide (4 drawer)

W98.8 x H58.6 x D37.6


120cm wide (4 drawer)

W118.8 x H58.6 x D37.6

  • Specifications

    50cm wide

    • White – N10WH50WHI
    • Anthracite– N10WH50ANTH
    • Matt Light Grey– N10WH50MLG

    60cm wide

    • Duet 60, Wall Hung, White – N10WH60WHI
    • Duet 60, Wall Hung, Anthracite– N10WH60ANTH
    • Duet 60, Wall Hung, Matt Light Grey– N10WH60MLG


    100cm wide

    • White – PNM024
    • Anthracite– PNM025
    • Matt Light Grey– PNM026

    120cm wide

    • White – PNM027
    • Anthracite– PNM028
    • Matt Light Grey– PNM029
  • Key Features

    • Choose wall hung compact units in 50cm, 60cm, 100cm and 120cm widths.
    • Available in three finishes: White, Anthracite and Matt Light Grey.
    • Choice of two mineral marble basins, or vessel basins and countertops.
    • Soft-close drawer for that touch of luxury and gentle closure.
    • Chamfer detailing.
    • Complete the look with a LED furniture light, back-to-wall unit or ambient LED underlighting.