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Kudos - Infinite Bowed Sliding Doors

Kudos - Infinite Bowed Sliding Doors

Sheer indulgence is the best way to describe the infinite Bowed Sliding Door Enclosure. Choose from 1200, 1500 or 1700mm width options, each of which tapers to 700mm at each end.


Never before has it been possible to create such a spacious enclosure in such a relatively small space. The 1700 version will fit in the same space as a standard bath and provide you with a showering area you could have only dreamed about.

  • Specifications

    All Bowed Sliding Doors can be fitted between two walls (recessed) or with either one or two special 700 side panels to create a corner or three-sided enclosure.


    + Stainless Steel roller bearings for smooth opening action
    + Left or right hand opening