Whether you call them loos, toilets or WCs, we will ensure you find the perfect place to rest your bottom. Technology has moved on a lot over the years and you can find toilets that are ultra modern and minimalist. Most modern ranges include a soft close seat to prevent accidental bangs or caught fingers. 


The vast array of options can be confusing and a little overwhelming but time should be taken when choosing what will arguably be the most used item in your bathroom.

Close coupled toilets remain one of the most popular choices for many homes as they are the easiest to install - this is where the cistern sits at the back of the pan in plain sight. If you don't mind a little more work and you have strong wall, a more contemporary looking wall hung toilet is the ideal option. They are great for creating a sense of openness, minimalism and make cleaning far easier. Since the cistern is hidden, you'll need to remember to choose a button or flush plate. 

Back to wall toilets are another great option, usually fitted with a WC unit or behind a stud wall to hide unsightly pipework, these offer a modern and sleek finish. 

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